Value education for schools

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Value Education consists of school childrens participating in value education programs in various places across the country.

Why Value Education

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken man.” – Frederick Douglass

“What we are today is the result of what we valued yesterday…
What we will be tomorrow will be the result of what we value today…”

Wouldn’t you want your country to be Superpower?
Wouldn’t you want your Family to be ideal family?
Wouldn’t you want your Child to be of good character and competence?

If yes root lies in how we empower our children in good values today which is future of tomorrow.

If yes then root lies in how we empower good values today in our children- who are future of tomorrow.

Today’s children are leaders of tomorrow.

A country’s strength is not machines and industries, not the values of currency notes, not the sports cars or cinema stars, nor the political parties that are here today gone tomorrow. A country’s strength is the leaders with character who can move mountains, who can change hearts and who can make the whole population of India unite for the common cause. India is known for producing such selfless leaders as Gandhi, VinobhaBhaveetc who walked across the land of India and moved the masses to action, lived the life of virtues and left a legacy for us to follow their royal path.

Where are such leaders today?

In the earlier times, education meant ‘wholesome’ education. That which does not end with the classroom but also trains a student in appropriate behaviour, healthy lifestyle and moral values. The current education system may produce competent doctors, engineers and IAS officers but what lacks in today’s age is a solid foundation of good character.

Let us take an example of a diseased person faced with two options. One, a hospital of very competent doctors but a case history of exorbitant bills, unnecessary extensions of treatment and even stolen kidneys. Or two, a hospital with competent doctors who are honest and sincerely serve their patients with care. Definitely, the person would choose the second hospital. Therefore to become a truly successful individual, competence alone is not sufficient but must be blended with character.

Since the modern day role models for children & Youths are bollywood actors and sports stars, we are faced with a nation where values are eroding very fast. The MNCs from West entered India along with their shadow-like culture that has degraded Indian values, morals and character. How can we revive the traditional India with her Cultural Moral Spiritual foundation?

It is only possible by instilling value-based lifestyle in our children. That is why we need ‘Value Education’.

Ronald Reagan – “We don’t expect our children to know & discover the principles of calculus on their own, but some of us would give them no guidance when it comes to ethics, morality, and values.”

William Rasperry – “ In our zeal to get religion out of the classroom, we threw out morality as well.”


To participate or for more info please contact
Phone: 9820647263, 8879797024