Vidya Daan

Vidya Daan involves free distribution of spiritual literature to needy people

₹190 each
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Srimad Bhagavatam Distribution

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Free Gita distribution at Govt School, Badmer, Rajasthan

Free Gita distribution all around India

सनातन धर्म का मज़ाक़ बनाना इतना आसान क्यों है ?

Make a living and also a life-Gaur Gopal Das

Importance of Bhagavad Gita knowledge in daily life

1. What is Vidya Daan

Vidya daan is our social service scheme in which we distribute India’s most respected religious, spiritual & value education book Bhagavad-gita, freely to needy people like,

Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Prisoners, Public libraries,School- College students ,Police Force, Hospitals,

And anyone who wants to read Gita but is unable to afford the cost to  buy the book.

2.Why we should donate for free distribution of Bhagavd Gita

  • People, in general, want peaceful and anxiety free life. They want to live in harmony.
  • Government also spends a lot of tax-payer’s money in order to maintain law and order in society. However, still we find increase in chaotic situations like-

drug abuse, sexual abuse, social crimes,violent behavior, suicide,                           gambling habits,

  • We believe prevention is better than cure. Hence it is proper to invest in prevention in the form of proper education and counselling based on the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita.
  • This form of education can easily prevent all the above issues instead of one investing huge sum of people’s money to deal with the consequences of above crimes.

3.Why donate only Bhagavad Gita ?

  •  Bhagavad-gita,is a self-help,motivational book with  spiritual knowledge which is the source of guidance for many around the world.
  • It inculcates proper moral & spiritual values and helps to builds strong character.
  • Studies have shown people with strong character and morals are much more fortified to face difficult situations rather than succumbing to it & taking drastic steps.This book could be a life changing agent and positive incentive for such people.
  • Since we have limited resources, we are able to hold this program only on a small scale. We urge you to support this mass distribution program by contributing generously towards this educational welfare program.
  • Many ISKCON donors also sponsor our program on regular basis either monthly, quarterly or annually. Their kindness has helped us to reach out to many people who are in need of such resources.
  • Your contribution will mean the difference between peace and chaos. You or your organization can be the part of changing the world, making a difference, relieving suffering, saving and transforming lives.
  • So we earnestly urge you to participate in our educational program and help us to eradicate nescience in general and disseminate this most important spiritual knowledge to everyone by donating “BHAGAVAD-GITA ,the only direct instruction of Supreme Lord Krishna for salvation of humanity at large.
  • ISKCON has a great standing in global community and by sponsoring us you would be seen as an organization/ individual who is an enthusiastic supporter of global peace, harmony and committed for positive change. Join now to make a difference.

4.Protect the Culture Of  India -which is based on Bhagavad Gita

The essence of true culture lies in its being based upon a spiritual sense of values and a spiritual outlook on life. The assertion of the essential divinity of man is the heart of Indian culture.

The civilisation of India rests on inner refinement, on the nurture and unfoldment of the spiritual spark in man.

India is a land of spirituality and the aspiration of every true Indian is for
Atma-Svarajya or freedom in the highest divinity of the Self attainable through the conquest of the internal and the external nature. Self-realisation is the goal of the people of India.

TheBhagavad-Gita is a universal scripture and it is the true articulate expression of the genuine cultural heritage of India.

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Hare Krishna